Quality of Public Service in Student Affairs Bureau of Gorontalo State University
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Public Service

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Uyun Arif, Yanti Aneta, & Juriko Abdussamad. (2023). Quality of Public Service in Student Affairs Bureau of Gorontalo State University. Spanish Journal of Innovation and Integrity, 14, 32-43. Retrieved from http://sjii.indexedresearch.org/index.php/sjii/article/view/714


The purpose of this study was to determine the quality of public services at the Academic Bureau of Student Affairs, State University of Gorontalo. This study uses a qualitative research approach. Furthermore, the data explored includes primary data and secondary data. Data collection techniques are in-depth interviews, observation, and documentation. The results of the study show that the location of the building, the beauty of the building, the atmosphere and comfort of the building are in line with student expectations. The aspect of the friendliness of the service staff is quite good, the complaints of the research students found that there were still many students who complained about the services provided, the attitude of the service staff was good and always paid attention. The speed aspect of service personnel is still not good. Reliability shows that it is in accordance with the procedure but there is no regulatory service standard or SOP. Guarantees show that everything is going with a good process but there are still other things that need to be improved, especially regarding queues, guaranteed information disclosure is considered good and open enough, and security guarantees are good enough but there are several security facilities that need to be paid more attention, especially related CCTV.

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