Vol. 14 (2023): Spanish Journal of Innovation and Integrity
Spanish Journal of Innovation and Integrity


Himmatova Nodira Normamatovna
Psychological Aspects of Learning a Foreign Language
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Dr. B. T. Michael
Intergroup Relations in the Orashi Basin: The Experience of Odual and Her Abua Neighbour from Earliest Times to 2018
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Novita N. Tumulo, Rosman Ilato, Juriko Abdussamad
The Effect of Work Environment and Organizational Commitment on Academic Service Quality in the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Gorontalo State University
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Uyun Arif, Yanti Aneta, Juriko Abdussamad
Quality of Public Service in Student Affairs Bureau of Gorontalo State University
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Dwi Novianti, Zuchri Abdussamad, Sukarman Kamuli
Policy Implementation of Work Achievement Measurement System (Siransija) in Regional Personnel Agency of Gorontalo Province
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Sinta Devi Lamusu, Rosman Ilato, Irawaty Igirisa
Quality of Services in Increasing Public Satisfaction at the Department of Population and Civil Registration in Public Services Mall, Bone Bolango District, Gorontalo Province
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Siti Magfirah Oktvia, Rosman Ilato, Abd, Rahman Pakaya
The Effect of Quality of Financial Reports, Implementation of Internal Control Systems, and Application of Local Government Accounting Systems on Regional Financial Management Accountability in Gorontalo City
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Yulianti Katili, Rosman Ilato, Fenti Prihatini Dance Tui
The Influence of Educational Qualifications and Competencies on the Performance of High Leader Officials in Gorontalo City Government
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Fidyawati Abdullah, Rauf A. Hatu, Fenti Prihatini Dance Tui
Quality of Regional Development Planning in the Achievement of Performance Accountability Gorontalo Provincial Government
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Ishmael Laija, Zuchri Abdussamad, Sastro Mustapa Wantu
Administrative Service Quality in Increasing Public Satisfaction at the Secretariat of the Office of the Gorontalo Governor
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Urakova Umida Elomonovna
Complications after Obstructive Bronchitis in Newborn Children
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Iskhakova S. A.
Ways to Increase the Socio-Economic Efficiency of Educational Services
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Kurbanova Sitora Bakhodirovna
Investments in Innovative Projects of Small Business and Private Entrepreneurship
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Ishonkulova Feruza Asatovna, Asrorkulov Fayoz
Features of the Classification of Goods Transported by Trucks in Uzbekistan
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Aziza Axtamovna Marupova
Methods of Stylistic Analysis in Literary Text
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Sabirova Dilrabo Bakhodirovna, Kadirova Aziza Muratovna
Application of Actipol in the Treatment of Adenovirus Conjunctivitis
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Sharipov G’ulom Qarshi o’g’li
Use of Digital Platforms and IoT Technology in Organizing Electronic Commerce
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Abdullaeva Mekhrangiz
The Use of Proper Names in the Structure of English Phraseological Units
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Erejepova G., Xudoyan. O
Diseases Found in Greenhouse-Grown Cucumber and Measures to Control Them
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Eshpulatova Zaynab Baratovna
The Concept of Other Comprehensive Income, Its Essence and Composition
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